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Disclaimer: This network is a transit service. We do not condone nor endorse what is found in the IRC Channels.

This is a Private Network. We can remove you at any time, for any reason.

  x  No DDoS botnets.
  x  No kiddie porn/talk of pedophilia.
  x  IRC is a right, not a privilege.
  x  Do NOT give out any of your personal information, first name is usually fine, however, anything other then that is not recommended.
  x  Cross-channel disputes are your own business, do not involve opers.
  x  Channel operations and moderation of individual channels are the responsibility of those channels.
  x  No Doxing.
  x  No Spam.
  x  No telling noobs destructive commands (ie. rm -rf /*), this could possibly earn you a ban from the network. 
  x  Do NOT put your bots in another users channel without permission.