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Nickname Registration

Q: How do I register my nickname?
A: /quote nickserv register <your-passwd>

Example: /quote nickserv register test123

Channel Registration

Q: How do I register a channel?
A: Join said channel, and if you're opped, and its not already registered simple do: /quote chanserv register #channel <description of channel>

Example: /quote chanserv register #Chat General Chat Discussion

Channel Forwards

Q: How do I forward a channel from one channel to another?
A: /quote chanserv mode #channel lock add +lL 1 #channel-to-forward-to

Example: /quote chanserv mode ##chat lock add +lL 1 #chat
^ The above command would foward ##chat to #chat using ChanServ mode lock.

Spam Bots

Q: Random spam bots are messaging me, how do i stop it?!
A: Well you have to 2 ways to stop this.

  • UserMode +R: Setting Usermode +R will make it so only users with registered nicknames can message you
Example: /mode <your-nick> +R
  • UserMode +g: Setting usermode +g will make it so NO other users can message unless if you /accept <nickname> or they are Official Network Staff.
Example: /mode <your-nick> +g