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Commands For Channel Bot nerds

Notice: Using $help before any of these commands in the channel will show you further explanation. i.e: $help pkg

$w <Your, Location>     This will look up the weather for the specified location.
$fc <Your, Location>    This will check the weather forecast for specified location.
$setweather <Your, Location>    This will set your default weather, after this is set, you can just use $w
$youtube <search string>    This will search youtube for the search string.
$imdb <movie/tv show>    Allows you to look up movies on imdb.
$crypto <currency>    Look up any crypto information.
$corona <location>    To look up coronvirus stats on specified location. Use without location to view Global coronavirus stats.
$ud <word>    Look up search string on
$pkg <distro/release name> <pkg name>     Fetches information (version, description, etc.) from various operating system's package repositories.
$pkgsearch <distro> <pkg name>     Looks up the search query in the given operating system's package repositories.

[420] $doob <nickname>    Passes a virtual doob to another user.
[420] $toke    The bot will pass an imaginary bowl to you.