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User Modes


Description: Sort of a hybrid between umode +D (don't allow private messages at all) and +R (allow registered users only), this module allows you to keep a whitelist of people allowed to send you private messages. =] Their UID is stored so it persists through nickchanges too, but the module only shows you the original whitelisted nick in lists etc.

/OPENPM <nick> [-persist] => Allow messages from the given user (the argument must be an actual, existing nick)
/CLOSEPM <nickmask> => Clear matching entries from your list; supports wildcard matches too (* and ?)
/PMLIST => Display your current whitelist
/PMHELP => Display built-in halp info


/OPENPM guest8 => Allow guest8 to message you
/OPENPM muhb0i -persist => Allow muhb0i, persistently
/CLOSEPM guest* => Remove all entries matching this mask (guest8, guestxxxx, etc)
/CLOSEPM * => Remove all entries (saves you a disconnect lol)

Now this is what happens when a non-whitelisted user tries to message you:

  • For users who haven't logged into services or if noticetarget is set to 0, they will get a notice saying you don't accept private messages from them. It also instructs them to tell you to do /openpm for them, like in a common channel.
  • For users who have logged into services and if noticetarget is set to 1 you will get a single notice asking you to do /openpm (the notice also includes their message).
  • These notices only happen once in a certain time period (based on the config directive noticedelay). After the first one, everything else will be silently discarded until enough time passes.


Description: umode +N to block invites


Description: umode +c to prevent people who aren't sharing a channel with you from messaging you

Channel Modes


Description: +J chmode: Mute newly joined people for +J X seconds


Description: Chanmode +j to prevent people from rejoining too fast after a kick

Extended Bans

Note: Remember this is an extended ban, to apply this:

/mode #help +b ~I*!*@*


Description: This one is created as an attempt of making behaviour of the +R chanmode more selective.
It allows things like:

~I:*!*@* - lets users from someisp in only when they are registered - this is the particular target of creating this module.
~I:~q:~c:#channel - allows users coming from #channel to talk only when they are registered.