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Welcome to

Maintainers: sorcerer & F


We would like to welcome you to our wonderful nerdy network. Everyone is welcomed but please keep in mind to follow each channel's rules as well as the network rules. [Ages 18+ Recommended For Most Channels]


[Ports]: 6667 (PlainText) / 6697 (SSL)
[I2P]: irc.nerds.i2p
Network Channel: #nerds


TOR NOTE: Tor is not allowed currently and is blocked due to abuse (drones/flooding). Future plan is to create an onion address and a dedicated server for TOR onion. But it will still require a registered nickname to connect to prevent abuse as much as possible.


If you're trying to connect to our network, but your DNS is unable to resolve IRC-nERDs round-robin, you have the option to change your nameservers to Google.


Please DO NOT give out any of your personal information, such as name, phone number, social security number, address, credit card number, or place of employment. Staff will never ask for any of this information.


*** We are currently NOT accepting more staff/opers or server links. Just bring yourself and your friends, join our channel, or start your own! ***

Social Media Connections



We reserve the right to deny access to the network at any time and for any reason. Whenever possible, a reason will be provided to you, however, we are under no obligation to do so.