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Welcome to

Maintainers: sorcerer & F

[IPv4]: [IPv6]: [Ports]: 6667 (PlainText) / 6697 (SSL)
[I2P]: irc.nerds.i2p
Network Channel: #nerds

TOR NOTE: Tor is not allowed currently and is blocked due to abuse (drones/flooding). Future plan is to create a onion address and a dedicated server for TOR onion. But it will still require a registered nickname to connect to prevent abuse as much possible.

DNS ISSUES: If you're trying to connect to our network, but your dns is unable to resolve IRC-nERDs roundrobin, you have the option to change your nameservers to google's.

NOTICE: Please do NOT give out any of your personal information, such as: name, phone number, social security number, address, credit card number, or place of employment. Staff will never ask for any of this information.

*** We are currently NOT accepting anymore staff/opers or any more server links. Just bring yourself and your friends, join our channel or start your own! ***

Disclaimer: [Ages 18+ Recommended For Most Channels]

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