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This is a little introduction to IRC and some of it’s commands. Some client’s have easy to use GUI options such as mIRC, adiIRC, etc.. Some clients are for terminal and have text only commands. All clients accept the text commands. Here are some of the basic commands of IRC that will work on anything IRC. If you need further assistance with any of these commands, feel free to ask in #nerds or #chat.

/join #nerds    –    Join a channel
/part #nerds    –    Part a channel
/topic #chat    –    Display channel topic
/names #chat    –    Display User/Names list for channel
/motd    –    Displays the irc server’s MOTD (Message Of The Day)
/query <nickname>    –    Opens a Query or Private Message with another user
/list    –    List other channels on the network that you can join
/ignore <nickname>    –    Typical syntax to add a user to ignore (also try: /help ignore)
/nick <nickname>    –    Changes your nickname to a different nickname
/away <away message>    –    Enables your away system with away message you picked (Use /away by itself to disable/turn off away system)
/whois <nickname>    –    Brings up information for a user, such as channel they are in, if they are using a registered nickname, etc…
/quit <reason for quit>    –    Disconnect from IRC with message you gave

Think you have these commands down? Wanna learn more? Check out this website (Internet Relay Chat Commands).

Note: As some clients use different commands, you can use either /connect or /server to connect to IRC-nERDs @