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Description: This command lets you start the process of making a character to play!


Description: This command once u finish Registering shows you information about your character.


Description: This enables you to see any items you may have, for example when you Level up, you gain skill points which can also be obtained from the store or found during battle.


Description: This allows you to see your currency in the game "Zenni"


Description: This shows you any known or obtained attacks!


Description: This shows you any skills you may know or have obtained through training or leveling!


Description: Shows your powerlevel/health without typing !stats.


Description: Shows your current "strength" affects Physical damage.


Description: Shows your current defense, defense affects the damage you recieve from both physical and Energy attacks!


Description: Shows your current accuracy. The more Accuracy you got the better the chances of a Critical!


Description: Shows your agility! If Your agility is higher then the person's Accuracy, and that person is attacking you there will be a chance to Dodge their attack!


Description: Shows your intelligence! If you got more Intelligence then the openents Accuracy There will be a higher chance to Countering their attack!


Description: This shows the amount of Experience you currently have and need towards your next level up!


Description: This shows your current level!


!enter Noobarena

Description: This takes you into a starter arena for low levels

!enter arena

Description: This takes you into the actual arena ( feel free to attack other players!)


Description: This allows you to recover all ur stats back to their maximum! cannot be done in the arena certain items such as Senzubeans allow u to heal fully while in arena!


Description: Shows a list of stores or places to go for which planet your on!


Description: Shows a list of Current planets you could travel to so long as u have a spacepod!


!goto earth

Description: This is just an example if u have a spacepod you would travel to this planet!


Description: Thows your current time till your Attack or move hits!


Description: This will cancel your attack or move!


!kick supa+weak+bag 

Description: This is an example of what you would do in the Noobarena, this will make u attack w.e you put after that for a name! every class starts with Punch and Kick! Certain items such as "sword" if worn will give you a new ability such as Slash!


Description: Shows a list of any Player or NPC currently in the arena!

!start hbtc

Description: HBTC Stands for Hyper Bolic Time Chamber, You Can train in the HBTC 2 Times in the 7 Day Reset! The HBTC+Bag Uses your own stats in normal form. You Get double the exp you would get that you are personally worth if u were defeated. You cant use anything that you have mastered! You need 2000 PL to Enter the HBTC!

!info transformation saiyan

!info transformation saiyan

Description: Gives information about transformation requirements for that race can do this with other races too!


Description: This command shows you information about aspects such as registering, or finding information about multiple aspects of the game!

== Current list of Bags in NOOBARENA ==

  • Supa+weak+bag Supa+weak+bag2 Supa+weak+bag3 Supa+weak+bag4 Weak+bag Weak+bag2 Weak+bag3

== Current list of bags in the Arena! ==

  • Punch+bag Punch+bag2 Punch+bag3 Strong+bag Strong+bag2 Strong+bag3 Ultimate+bag Ultimate+bag2 Ultimate+bag3 Exo+bag Exo+bag2 Hell+bag