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#nerds channel rules

NOTE: These are #nerds channel rules, not IRC-nERDs network rules.

  • No Flooding. (A smaller ASCII image is okay but don't get excessive with it)
  • No drones or bots. (We have enough bots)
  • No discussion of hacking things. (Discussing security is okay, but if you sound like a kiddie or trying to do something kiddie, your visit is over)
  • No pornography images. (We aren't a porn channel)
  • No Politics/Religion
  • No pedophilia of any kind. (Instant Ban)
  • Don't abuse the channel's bots (Including flooding bot commands with the exception of the zombie's bot .shoot), or try to exploit them. (Only SORCERER can make exceptions to this, ops must follow this rule also)
  • Don't ask for ops we have enough and don't need anymore.
  • No bullying or race discrimination. (Jokes are okay, there is a difference between jokes and bullying. N-word is definitely not allowed.)
  • No transgender hate talk (If you are from the transgender community, we accept this but please don't make a big deal out of it, I will not allow it to be used for attention)
  • No Sexism. We don't care about your stats, do NOT be sexist.
  • Don't tell people to use google, actually help them or STFU.
  • Leave the drama out of the channel. Don't bring other channel drama into #nerds.
  • Do NOT PM/DM/message anyone without their permission. (Especially OPs aka the people in charge)
  • Don't attempt to force your opinion on others.