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These are a few cool tips and tricks to share with everyone
Note: SuperKey references the common windows key. Fun fact: You can find keycaps online to replace your windows key with say a KDE key

Cheat Sheet for Linux Commands

To look up cheat sheets for commands in linux terminal, such as 'ls'. Here is an example of what to type in your terminal


So it would look something like this:

╭─sorcerer@cerebro in ~ took 8s
[] × ls
# To display everything in <dir>, excluding hidden files:
ls <dir>

# To display everything in <dir>, including hidden files:
ls -a <dir>

# To display all files, along with the size (with unit suffixes) and timestamp
ls -lh <dir>

# To display files, sorted by size:
ls -S <dir>

# To display directories only:
ls -d */ <dir>

# To display directories only, include hidden:
ls -d .*/ */ <dir>

# ls
# List directory contents.

# List files one per line:
ls -1

# List all files, including hidden files:
ls -a

# List all files, with trailing `/` added to directory names:
ls -F

# Long format list (permissions, ownership, size and modification date) of all files:
ls -la

# Long format list with size displayed using human readable units (KB, MB, GB):
ls -lh

# Long format list sorted by size (descending):
ls -lS

# Long format list of all files, sorted by modification date (oldest first):
ls -ltr

How to lock your desktop screen

Simply use the SuperKey + L combination

Emoji Keyboard

If you would a keyboard with all of the emojis, do the keyboard combination of: SuperKey + .